Lime cauliflower rice🍚

Lime cauliflower rice

Lime cauliflower rice

The day is finally here! Today you are going to try the best Lime cauliflower rice. I promise you, you will have it ready to eat in 25 minutes!

Regular rice is really hard to stop eating it, because it is easy and fast to cook but honestly, it is a good time to replace it for something healthier. Trust me!—this lime cauliflower rice recipe is super fast and yummy! It is just to add a new habit.

Personally, after we started eating this lime cauliflower rice, we never felt the need to come back to the regular one. It was like an aha moment for me!

Besides, I was always saying “something that smells so bad like boiled cauliflower, could not be legal to eat it” but life proved me wrong and now I realize it can be tasty if you cook it differently! lol

No more talking for today—let’s start!

Questions you might have:

  • Prep & Cook approx:  25 mins⏲ 
  • Servings: 10/12, will vary per cauliflower size.
  • Can I freeze it?: Of course you can! Already cooked and divided into portions ready to microwave or reheat. Also raw, you can divide it into Ziplocs and cook only the servings you want to it.
  • How long can I keep it in the fridge?: Cooked, up to 5 days. Raw, up to 3 (I do not prefer much longer).
  • What if I do not have lime?: You can use lemon but as you know, it is not the same as tasteful as the lime in this case. The lemon is a too strong citric. My honest recommendation is to use nothing instead.
  • What if I do not have shallots?: No worries, it is not an exclusive ingredient! Instead, you can use red onion too, just cut it into small pieces. 
  • What if I do not have green onions?: You can use a leek or nothing.
  • Note: 
  • Garlic is mandatory––trust me!


1 cauliflower
3 garlic cloves
Half lime — if it’s too small, use one
Salt and Pepper
1 tbsp of butter
1 tbsp of olive oil
💡Optional: 1 shallot and 1 green onion

Knife and board
Grater, even better if you have a food processor with a grater like this one
Frying pan


Let’s start dividing the cauliflower, and grater it (use the thick side).
Then, chop the garlic, parsley and if you are using shallots and green onion, chop it too. Also, use the lime zest to add more flavour.

Put the frying pan to heat with butter and oil and once it is hot, put the garlic, green onion and shallots to sauté until are golden—up to 5 minutes. If you choose the onion, it will take 8 mins.

Once it is ready, add the cauliflower and saute it for 10 minutes. Add salt, pepper, lime juice, and parsley, and let it cook for 5 to 10 more minutes. I do not like it too-cooked, so I remove it after 5 minutes and it tastes like “crispy”.

And yes, that’s all! This lime cauliflower rice ready to enjoy and you can eat it with any food you want! That is incredibly easy and fast, isn’t it?

I hope you like it and tell me how did it go!

Thanks for reading💋

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